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I am a mum and I love coffee.... nuff said... shall we go home now?  Oh, well, that's what the kids normally say! And when they say that, we do go home, because as a geeky "mumpreneur" working for myself, I can! I have the freedom to work in my own time and everything I do is about COFFEE – the thing I love the most!! 


The coffee world, from baristas to coffee farmers, traders and such as we see it today, its quite male-heavy... so here's a change I'm all up for seeing! I'm not going to hide that part of my mission is that I'm going to big-up everything to do with "women in business".

Us ladies (mummies or not, old or young, single, married, partnered; you name it!) who work from home and/or have their own business and ace the work they love, do so while having to do everything else they are traditionally expected to do... which let's face it is quite a lot! I think this is pretty awesome, but I also believe in order for this to happen, we need to support each other, inspire and help each other follow our dreams and to just "go do it!". 

Now, I know that sounds fluffy, but it is so important to me, as I can't tell you how long I've procrastinated on starting a little venture for myself, wondering if I have the confidence, know-how or the action to start.

Now that I have started, having the support from friends, family and my community while doing it has been invaluable on so many levels - which let's be honest, historically in business, there hasn't been very much of up until recently!  


So one day, over a cup of good java and dreaming about "doing my own thing" everything changed, I jumped in with both feet, full of beans, and here I am... fear and all and screaming all the way through the leap!


About 7 years ago I was thrilled with pod-coffee and drank loads of it, but also decided that I was limited to the tastes that we as consumers were offered. Yes, by all means I could choose the strength (1-10???) of the “little cup of wonder” that I committed to sipping every morning but soon realised, it DOESN'T STOP THERE!!

I discovered about 3 years ago that, just like varieties of wine we enjoy, so there are varieties and tastes of coffee to explore! I wanted to experiment with these and went right into the middle of the coffee process; coffee roasting! I decided to get on a course to learn the art of speciality coffee roasting.

Off I went to Winchester, completed a couple of courses, sourced and imported a roaster from far, far away (Hester, the 6kg Haoran roaster.... in gold and black, ofcourse!) grabbed some green beans and fired it up..... and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

It’s been a work in progress trying to find the perfect way to roast and blend coffee, especially as each crop of coffee cherries (⬅️fancy!!) can be quite different depending on where they are grown; and I’m LOVING every minute of it!

Enjoy this space, go and check out the coffees, grab a bag or two and you’ll be sipping your cup of BUZZ soon.  I know you'll love your BUZZ as much as we do!

Thanks all! x

buzz coffee roasters - buddy dog

Buddy the coffee dog – he's even the right colour!


He keeps the kids happy when Mum is roasting beans and he keeps Mum company when the kids are at school and Mum is... ummm... roasting AGAIN!

He doesn't like coffee!

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