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What's your buzz word...? Umm, obviously ours is....



Everything is F-R-E-S-H here at Buzz Coffee Roasters. Established in 2018, Buzz is based in the seaside town of Sidmouth Devon – so we don't just take in the fresh sea air, we draw in the sweet aroma of our freshly roasting coffee beans.

Once upon a time, a couple of years ago, to my nearest and dearest, it seemed as if Lameze, the owner and head roaster, had disappeared off the face of beautiful mother earth, when actually she had voluntarily squirreled away and honed her skills in on learning all about what she loves!  In doing so, rediscovered her huge love of coffee and... voila! the seed (coffee bean obvs!) was planted in the form of coffee roasting! So now we can say:


"Welcome to Buzz Coffee Roasters!"

We love coffee and find it fascinating and fun to discover how to make coffee taste even better than it already does by roasting it expertly in different ways and then bringing it to you as fresh as possible.


What we do?

We do COFFEE! We roast coffee beans here in the little Sid Valley in the town of Sidmouth and supply you with these coffee beans (retail and wholesale) for your daily cup of buzzzzz... so you can love coffee too, even more than you already do! We also look forward to showing you how to make and serve a better cup of the good stuff too during our workshops and events, in-house and on location!

How we do it?

We individually select speciality green coffee beans from very nice, know-it-all, coffee-minded people who have travelled all over the world to find the best fairtrade, organic and rainforest-friendly and sustainable coffee farms.

We then roast the beans on our 6kg gas-fired coffee roaster, aka Hester the Little Roaster. This is a fiddly, challenging, sensory, fun, intuitive and creative little process (which we absolutely LOVE!!!) The beans are roasted to their best for their type and origin amongst many other factors, in order for you to make better coffee. (Mistakes always welcome as occasionally we stumble across the perfect roast!)


Tasting the coffee is what happens next (a process called cupping) and we fall in love with coffee all over again and give that roast the tasty thumbs up 👍🏽 DUH!!

The beans get bagged and packaged up and delivered to you; and if needed, we grind them to your liking too. You then get to enjoy the most heavenly 10 minutes in a cup (many times a day if needed!) from a local coffee supplier... ahem, that’s us!

And finally.....



Because we love coffee ❤️ Did we say we love coffee??? Like seriously, love it!!! We believe that all coffee should be good coffee. Every cup should be a taste experience not to be wasted on a bad cup. We love the buzz it gives (get it?!) and that the simple cup of coffee can bring people together. 


So many flavours to be discovered with this drink and so much happening with this little green-to-brown bean... and here at Buzz Coffee Roasters, we're going to do our best to bring as much of it as we can to you! 

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