Ibisi Mountain Hills washing station is located in the hills of Southern Rwanda, just a short drive from the Nyungwe Forest, which has been traced as the source of the Nile River. Bernard Uwitije, a native of the area, had been trading non-washed Ordinary coffee up until 2015, when he realized the potential for fully washed specialty grade coffee. He build his first washing station, Gitega Hills, which operated successfully in his first year and he decided to expand the operations by building a second washing station, ibisi and the quality at both stations remain outstanding.At the station the cherry is delivered, floated and separated before then being pulped and fermented until the mucilage is loose enough to be washed off. From here the coffee is then washed in the the grading channels with the denser bean separated from the lighter ones. After this the coffee is then skin dried under shade netting for the first 1 -2 days and then transferred to raised beds in the sunshine for the next 15 - 22 days.

1kg RWANDA Ibisi #163

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  • To ensure freshness, we roast to order every day except Wednesday to Friday. 


    Roasted coffee should be allowed to naturally de-gas (release CO2) to develop a full flavour and reduce "bubbliness" and acidity.  This needs to happen for at least 4 days for all grind types, but especially for espresso roasts which should be allowed to de-gas for at least 10 days after roast date. 


    Many coffees are left for many months on the shelf after roasting, but where possible, to ensure your Buzz, please enjoy your coffee within 2 months of the roast date.