Anserma is located in the western area of thedepartment of Caldas situated a few hours from the city of Manizales.The Cooperative that this blend comes from was established in 1967 and currently serves 2083 associated growers who bring their coffee each harvest to the cooperative. The members of the cooperative generally will own 1- 2 Ha of land where they live with thier families growing coffee and as well as other crops such as plantain, avodaco, oranges and bananas amongst the coffee. The cooperative is forward thinking and is trying to promote specialty coffee and improved quality to its members by hosting internal competitions as well as creating an area in the warehouse solely for micro lots and high scoring coffees. During the harvest the coffee will be picked and the taken to the micro beneficio (small wet mill) on the farm where the producer will wash and clean the coffee as well as float it. From here the coffee is then pulped and fermented in a tiled tank with water usually overnight for 12 - 16 hours. Once this has finsihed the coffee is then washed again and taken to either raised beds in a drying tent or dried on the roof patios. The drying phase usually lasts around 7 - 10 days. After this producers will then deliver their coffees to the cooperative for grading, cupping and storage.

1kg COLOMBIA Regional Caldas

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  • To ensure freshness, we roast to order every day except Wednesday to Friday. 


    Roasted coffee should be allowed to naturally de-gas (release CO2) to develop a full flavour and reduce "bubbliness" and acidity.  This needs to happen for at least 4 days for all grind types, but especially for espresso roasts which should be allowed to de-gas for at least 10 days after roast date. 


    Many coffees are left for many months on the shelf after roasting, but where possible, to ensure your Buzz, please enjoy your coffee within 2 months of the roast date.